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Selecting the Right Welding Cobot for Your Business

Collaborative robots are changing the landscape of manufacturing, in particular welding. Improving productivity, quality and efficiency, welding cobots carry out repetitive tasks so experienced welders can be reassigned to value-added work. And with severe shortages of skilled welders affecting the industry, automated welding solutions are becoming critical to helping SMEs meet demand and compete with larger manufacturers.

When it comes to choosing a welding cobot, a number of factors need to be considered to ensure you’re on the path to success. By evaluating your key requirements, your journey to automated welding is easier than you think. 

Understanding Your Requirements 

The first step when looking to automate any part of your shop floor is to identify exactly what you need your cobot to do. This will help to define the type of cobot, the welding process, the power source and any other specific requirements such as:

Material: Different metals have different properties, requiring different welding methods and parameters, so it is important to identify the types of materials you will be welding. 

Volume: Consider the amount of pieces you are welding per shift, week and month, as this will have an impact on your welding cobot and any maintenance or downtime. 

Mix: If you’re welding different types of parts, you need a cobot that is flexible, versatile and easy to quickly program to welding changes. 

Size: The size of the parts you’re welding will define the size and reach of the cobot most suitable to your requirements. This will also impact the space needed for your automation solution and subsequent safety requirements.

Working using hand guidance to program welding cobot

Coding Capabilities

Another important factor to consider when choosing a welding cobot is how easy it is to program. Unlike industrial robots that require complex coding, cobots like CoboWeld are designed to be easy to use with no prior programming knowledge required.
Cobots eliminate the need for a dedicated, and often costly, robot programmer. With a straightforward intuitive programming interface and the ability to physically teach the cobot welding paths and set parameters, welding automation has never been easier. Welders can easily learn to use the cobot, resulting in less downtime, faster setups and a quicker return on investment.

Quality and Flexibility 

Cobots are designed to take on high-mix low-volume production, excelling in tasks that require frequent changes without the need for significant reprogramming and adaptations. CoboWeld Mobile removes the restrictions of a traditional fixed unit, providing the flexibility to quickly and easily reposition the unit in different weld cells or work areas. With high levels of adaptability, cobots can be used for multiple applications across the factory, providing one solution for a range of tasks.

The highly repetitive nature of welding can result in errors or lower quality welds as humans become fatigued.  Delivering exceptional performance every time, automated welding solutions ensure that product quality remains consistent and in turn minimising rework, which can quickly eat into profit margins.  

CoboWeld Mobile cobot solution

Workshop Accommodations

While industrial robots typically require more floor space and are integrated in fixed, stationary positions, cobots are known for their small footprint and ability to adapt to changing work requirements, making them well-suited for compact workspaces. 

It is important to consider the available space when looking to automate, and how a cobot will fit into the area. Each factory differs from the next, and at Cobots Online we have designed a range of cobots that cater to different workspaces and sizes.

End of Arm Tooling

The type of EOAT used can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of a cobot. CoboWeld can accommodate a wide range of tools and welding torches to allow proper access and reach to materials. Torches designed for automation ensure consistent tool centre points and targeting for high-quality welds across production. 

Make the Right Choice with Cobots Online

Cobots Online are here to help you find the automation solution that sets you on the path to welding success. Our range of welding cobots are highly versatile and utilise the latest technologies from our partners at Universal Robots and Smooth Robotics to deliver a robust automation solution. 

If you’re unsure which cobot is right for you, or would like to see CoboWeld in action, contact the Cobots Online team who are here to enhance your welding performance and profitability. 

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