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Common Misconceptions About Cobots

Cobots are changing the landscape of manufacturing and how the industry operates. They are driving growth and improving efficiency with their ability to streamline a number of tasks.

While collaborative robots have never been more accessible, there is still hesitation from some about their integration and usage. 

At Cobots Online, we thought we’d separate fact from fiction and take a look at some of the common misconceptions surrounding cobots.

Cobots are only for large-scale operations and manufacturers

Organisations of any size can benefit from adopting cobots into their workspace. They are an ideal solution for SMEs looking to improve their productivity and scale production. The flexibility that cobots provide means companies can automate even the simplest of tasks and reassign workers to higher value roles.  

When deploying cobots, it is easy to test and scale automation solutions. At Cobots Online we see many SMEs implementing just one cobot to a specific task. Once they realise the time and cost savings that can be achieved, they quickly identify other areas where automation can help them achieve their business goals and return to us for additional cobots. 

Cobots are costly

While the cost will depend on the type of cobot you choose, cobots are generally much less expensive than traditional robots. They are inexpensive to deploy and easier to maintain using in-house resources, reducing any ongoing operational costs. With cobots, ROI can typically be realised in a matter of months with correct deployment. 

Unlike their robot counterparts, cobots can be redeployed to different tasks and used 24/7 to improve productivity. In the long term, cobots often pay for themselves.

Cobots are complicated to use and difficult to implement

Their ease of use is one of the main benefits of cobots. They do not require expensive specialists with advanced degrees to understand specific programming languages. Cobots instead can be programmed through user-friendly software and mobile applications to learn new actions and automate processes. A number of cobots even offer hand guidance features in which a cobot learns by example, being guided through the sequence of movements needed to do the task it is being programmed for. 

Because of their lightweight and compact design, implementing cobots does not require costly factory renovations or changes to the production layout. They can be installed and redeployed with minimal maintenance. 

Cobots are too dangerous to work around humans

Employee safety is always top priority for manufacturers when looking to integrate cobots on the factory floor. The high levels of safety are what set cobots apart from industrial robots. 

Designed to copy human movements, cobots operate at lower payloads and speeds that make them safe to work alongside humans. They are equipped with a range of safety features, such as sensors and force-limiting features, to detect a worker's presence. In the detection of a human, cobots will adjust their movements and force exertion to avoid collision and ensure safe interactions. 

Their ability to automatically respond to unsafe proximity allows them to operate in the same workspace as humans with no risk to workers. 

Cobots are replacing the workforce

One of the most common misconceptions within manufacturing is that cobots steal jobs. When the truth is they help create and retain jobs, shifting current roles to less strenuous and more fulfilling work. While repetitive and heavy tasks are taken over by cobots, workers can do what people do best; innovative problem solving, creative decision making and critical thinking. 

This transition often leads to greater job satisfaction and contributes to overall productivity and efficiency. With cobots helping to boost production, many manufacturers often find themselves able to hire more people, therefore creating jobs and not eliminating them. 

Come and see cobots in action

At Cobots Online we understand that new technologies can be intimidating, especially when implementing automation for the first time. Our knowledgeable team will work with you to find the perfect cobot solution and overcome any hesitation about collaborative automation. We will work closely with you and your team to help you fully understand the capabilities of your cobot and use it to its full potential. 

Arrange a visit to our North East showroom to see cobots at work in our on-site CNC manufacturing facility and see how cobots can transform your business. 

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