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The Advantages of Using Cobots in the Manufacturing Industry

If your company could adopt automation that could save labour shortages, increase productivity, and pay itself off within months, would you invest in it?

The development and integration of mobile Cobot solutions have had a huge impact on industrial production. People had always sought to create devices that would help them with dull, repetitive and often dangerous work, and Cobots have provided the perfect solution for this.

The newest industrial revolution, industry 4.0 further spurred the development of collaborative robots, and they can now be deployed in almost any dangerous, repetitive task, but manufacturing in particular is where they shine. Manufacturing was one of the first industries to deploy Cobots on a large scale, and as predicted by the Global Industrial Report at the beginning of 2022, the use of industrial robots in manufacturing has risen.

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Here are just a few ways that Cobots Online can help you automate your manufacturing business.

Increase productivity: 

Cobots generate new efficiencies between people and machines. They do this by playing to the strengths of both people and automation, producing high quality repetitive work; reducing the potential for human error and freeing workers to take on more challenging jobs and skilful tasks. Proving that Cobots do not displace people, but rather support people in getting the most out of their work.

Improve profitability:

Automated manufacturing processes can deliver the high-quality goods consumers demand at a lower production cost. Cobots can work 24/7, reducing idle times between cycles and allowing production to work non stop. The initial investment will pay itself off within months. Unmanned production also sees the financial benefit on labour costs, and reduction of workplace injuries which could cost your business.

Produce high quality:

Automating with industrial Cobots can significantly improve product quality for manufacturers and can be programmed to carry out even the most specific of tasks, meaning that the most repetitive processes can be done without a drop in efficiency or performance, ensuring reliable and consistent operations.

Improve safety: 

Various tasks in the manufacturing process hold a risk to human workers. Cobots can help reduce these risks, by carrying out physically demanding repetitive tasks. Recognised as the perfect man-machine collaboration, Cobots are safe enough to function around human workers, without the need for safety cages. Allowing for a safe and effective workplace.

Employee satisfaction 

Cobots take on dull, mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing human workers to transition into more cognitive, strategic and creative roles. Cobots are not and were never built to replace humans, but rather augment and enhance human capabilities. Not only does this create new challenging and interesting roles to attract job candidates, it also encourages retention among current employees.

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Cobots are taking the manufacturing industry by storm, and human-robot collaboration is continually displaying huge potential for modern companies of all sizes and economic sectors. Manufacturing requirements and processes vary across every industry, yet a lot of the challenges in warehouse and production operations are shared. 

At Cobots Online, we’re here to help you solve these problems and heighten your companies productivity and profitability. Easily automate your manufacturing processes with Industrial Cobots, speak to one of our experts today.

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