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Are you ready to Automate? Find out what we do and how we can help you to automate

What do you do?

In a nutshell, we release your operators to do more high value work, increasing your profits by automating repetitive tasks with cobot based automation.

Who do you do it for?

Manufacturing SME’s in the North of England.

Why should I listen?

Were a family owned and run business, this makes us take our promises seriously, our business depends on highly satisfied customers and we know this.

We’re also a manufacturing business ourselves, we understand your challenges because we face the same ones, within our group we have a CNC machine shop, production lines, paint lines, assembly, testing and inspection processes.

When you engage with us, our engineers speak the same language, we’re not robotic about robotics, we talk about loading and unloading machines, screw driving, welding, loading pallets, remotely operating inspection tasks such as loading/unloading CMM’s, picking and placing parts on an assembly line, we talk about your process, in a language you understand and we help you to identify and explore the best way to get the results which make a positive difference to you, your team and most importantly, your bottom line.

By introducing automation across our own production processes to take on repetitive tasks, we have maintained and increased our profit margins despite rising costs, we’ve retrained our workers to carry out higher value activities which improved their morale and motivation, increasing their productivity and reducing our own cost of manufacture.

Whilst reducing the direct costs per unit of sale can seem like you are chasing the holy grail (something that is extremely difficult to find or get), the alternative is to sit back and watch your hard-earned profits evaporate.

In short, automation has given us a win/win situation, reducing costs per unit of sale whilst improving the motivation and morale of our team, all leading to increased profits and rewards.

What problems do you solve?

We help businesses just like yours tackle the trend of increasing costs per unit of sale. By freeing up manual operators from repetitive tasks, you can do more in the same time, this reduces your costs, increases operator output and morale.

With competitors fighting more aggressively for your market share and direct costs almost always increasing, the unit cost of your product or service will almost certainly be rising. In addition to this, customers are fighting the same battle with their costs and therefore they are reluctant to accept any price increase from you, in some cases they actively seek annual cost down savings.

These opposing pressures on manufacturing businesses inevitably lead to reduced profit margins per unit of sale.

You task your sales teams to find more work to replace this lost profit and the business must produce even more work to attain the previous profit, unfortunately this is a vicious circle and the whole cycle repeats itself again and again. You end up working harder and harder and wondering where all the rewards have gone.

How do you fix the problem?

We know through our own successes that automating repetitive tasks can quickly and significantly reduce the cost of sales per unit.

So how do we do this?

Our engineers will spend time with you and your team to seek out the processes and areas of your business where we think the best returns can be made. Our aim is to eliminate the need for your valuable workers to carry our repetitive tasks, freeing them up to carry out higher value work, delivering measurable improvements in throughout and employee engagement, both of which deliver positive improvements to your competitiveness and bottom-line profits.

Because we use cobots, industrial robots and automation in our own manufacturing plant, we can demonstrate to you in real time, the types of tasks we can help you to automate, and you can see for yourself what impact this can have on your business.

Our results show that short payback periods are consistently achieved, alternatively you can finance the project, and, in most cases, the project will more than cover its monthly outgoings removing the financial risks from your decision-making process.

Meet The Team


Tony Thompson
Managing Director


Lesley Thompson

Jessica Sedgewick

Jessica Sedgewick
Finance & Business Operations Manager


Matthew Thompson
Commercial Director


Daniel Thompson
Production Engineer


Rob Heslop
Technical & Design Engineer

Courtney Lowe - Customer Services & Administration Manager

Courtney Lowe
Customer Service & Administration Manager


James Gatenby
Technical Sales Engineer

Claire Lewis

Claire Lewis
Purchasing Controller