Why Weblytics?

First remote monitoring and diagnostic software for collaborative applications

WebLytics is the industry’s first software solution that provides real-time, application-focused data for production monitoring, device diagnostics, and data analytics. With this new tool, you can help your customers enhance productivity and minimize downtime.

WebLytics automatically collects, analyses, and reports on collaborative applications, including data from any OnRobot tool and any leading cobot or light industrial robot. Capable of monitoring the performance of multiple collaborative applications simultaneously and in real time, WebLytics gathers equipment data from both robots and tools and transforms it into easy-to-understand, visualized device and application-level intelligence using intuitive, customizable dashboards and alerts.


New Revenue Opportunities

  • Utilise WebLytics to provide data-backed custom service agreement helping customer minimize downtime via immediate support.
  • Provide engineering service for cell optimization using operational data collection.
  • Boost spare part business by being informed about equipment (robot, tools, etc.) problems and maintenance needs.
  • Increase credibility of automation and trust by inbuilt monitoring creates competitive advantage.
  • Fast deployment using ready-made robot integrations and dashboards.
  • Establish a recurring revenue stream from WebLytics licenses, service agreements and spare parts.

Weblytics Web Server

The WebLytics server can be deployed on a shop floor’s local network or added to a virtual network that connects to the robot cell. Collected data is stored locally on the WebLytics server. Meanwhile, WebLytics’ built-in web server is always accessible from the shop floor network or from anywhere in the world via secure HTTPS connection.

Our first software product is visual, easy-to-use, comprehensive, and powerful, all at an affordable price that makes it an easy upsell. And WebLytics is not just a powerful tool for end users; it also creates new and ongoing revenue opportunities for system integrators, letting you offer customers data-backed custom service agreements and engineering services for cell optimisation.

Customers can give you access to application- and device-level insights across their shop floor using WebLytics. Customisable views let you monitor each application remotely so you can keep your customers informed on opportunities to boost productivity or proactively address maintenance issues. And with real-time and historic data, you’ll have the insight you need to plan for spare parts availability and service resources, avoiding expensive emergency calls and boosting customer satisfaction. WebLytics is fast and easy to deploy and use, and is scalable, so it can grow with your customers’ needs.

If you have customers who want to get as much value as possible from their collaborative automation initiatives, or who want you to provide additional proactive services, WebLytics is just what you need. WebLytics is a natural progression of the OnRobot tradition of making advanced tools and technologies affordable and accessible to companies of all sizes.


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