Why Cobots?

Cobots are powerful, affordable and easy to programme automation solutions

Cobots offer compelling benefits.

Cobots provide manufacturers with access to all the benefits associated with advanced robotic automation, without the extra costs associated with traditional robots.

They make automation affordable – even for small-batch production runs and mixed product assembly lines.

We configure and deploy collaborative robots that empower manufacturers to accelerate their automation capability and to increase their operational flexibility and scalability – particularly when faced with labour challenges.

Cobots are specifically designed to share a workspace with humans, making automation easier than ever before for businesses of all sizes and are game-changers for a wide variety of applications.

Minimise Costs

Do more with less. Improve profitability of low margin manufacturing processes by increasing throughput and productivity.

Rev Up Your Team

Hiring and retaining great staff is hard. Automate basic repetitive tasks and free up your best people to focus on high value, strategic work.

Elevate Quality

Improve the efficiency and consistency of high precision testing processes, resulting in higher quality products and faster response times.

Automate Any Process

Cobots are a safe, flexible solution for a wide range of applications

Machine Tending

Cobots automate the start and end of line loading and unloading of machines such as CNC machines, CMMs, metal presses and chemical etching machines.

Product Testing

Cobots are the ideal solution for the efficient, highly repeatable automation of end-of-line, ad-hoc and R&D testing processes.


A Cobot with an integrated camera for vision can sit alongside your existing lines to provide a simple solution for product inspection.


A Cobot, deployed with a vision system, provides an affordable solution for lightweight picking, sorting and collating.

We’ll support you through the entire Cobot lifecycle

Once you’ve made the decision to automate, we stay alongside you, making sure you get the most out of your investment.

Our support team are always available to provide you and your team with technical advice, to troubleshoot any issues and to assist in training your operators to get the most from your cobot or automated solution.

We want to be with you from the start of your automation journey and become an integral part of your automation project team, advising on the latest technology and how it can further benefit your business.

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We support you through the entire cobot lifecycle

Get Collaborative

Why invest in a collaborative robot

Cobots (Collaborative Robots) bring flexible automation to manufacturers of all sizes.

They are able to carry out a wide range of production operations including palletising, screw-driving, riveting, painting, sanding, polishing, de-burring, machine tending and assembly. In fact, any processing task is a candidate for automation.

With an ever-increasing range of flexible robot arms to choose from, rest assured  there is one that is just right for your automation project.

When you introduce collaborative automation into your business you will see significant gains in the productivity of your workforce, increased capacity, improved morale and motivation of your team and a reduction in the unit cost per sales unit.

Which Cobot manufacturers do we work with?

Which Cobot manufacturers
do we work with?

Universal Robots

Universal Robots

Universal Robots have supplied more than 46,000 collaborative robots worldwide.

As one of the global leaders in the field of robotics, their collaborative robots are some of the most technologically advanced, safety -centric, robust cobots available today.

Where UR is concerned, innovation is the key.



As a world leader in robotics, Doosan are continually introducing new products with increasing payloads to their range.

Doosan has devoted itself to going one step further to better ensure operator safety.

With 18 safety functions, humans and robots are able to operate safely alongside each othe

On Robot


Cobots Online are a distributor for On-Robot products.

The OnRobot product  range delivers a full line of innovative plug and produce solutions for collaborative applications.

The solutions include electric grippers, force/torque sensing, vacuum grippers, tool changers and the award-winning Gecko gripper technology.

Cobots Online have partnered with SCHUNK

Cobots Online have partnered with Schunk to access the larges range of bespoke grippers and work holding products. With their technical backup, we are able to offer individual parts or build them into our automated solutions.

With 11,000 standard components SCHUNK offers the world’s largest assortment of gripping systems and clamping technology from one source, and with 2,550 SCHUNK grippers, the largest product range of standard gripper components on the market. The entire gripping system portfolio comprises more than 4,000 components.

The most important buyers are all those manufacturing companies which have assembly, handling, and metal cutting processes. The customer base includes the who’s who of mechanical engineering, robotics, automation, assembly handling, and all the renowned automotive brands and their suppliers.


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